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Low impact Paintball

All the fun without the pain

Have you always wanted to try paintball but didn't have the guts to endure the pain? Well, look no further! Gotcha low impact paintball packs all the punch that regular paintball does but without the welts and bruises. Don't get us wrong, you still feel it, but at half the force.

Our Gotcha ball uses a specially designed low impact, pump action paintball marker that shoots .50 cal paintballs. The spring powered Gotcha paintball marker can be lobbed up to 100+ feet, but is very accurate up to 50 feet.

Games and arena

You'll play games like capture the flag, team elimination, king of the hill and much more in a 5k square ft arena packed with obstacles to hide and hunker down in.

Who is low impact paintball for?

Low impact Gotcha paintball is great for everyone above 9 years of age. Families, teams, couples, companies, kids and adults love splattering their opponents with paint.

How does low impact paintball feel compared to other related activities?

Gotcha ball is less impactful than regular paintball. It is designed for fun.


Pricing includes:

*Additional paint can be purchased

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