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Snookball is a super fun mash-up of the sport of soccer and the game of pool/billiards. Using the rules of pool/billiards, each player will take strategic shots to eliminate their balls from the table. However, instead of using pool balls and a cue/pool stick, they use their feet and soccer balls. Snookball is massive amounts of fun for kids and adults alike. It's ease of play and familiar ruleset will have you and your friends entertained the entire time.

Official Rules(8 Ball)

The Game is won when:

A player legally pockets all the balls from their group solid or stripes and in the next shot, pots the 8 ball.

The Game is lost when:

*Other games can be played besides 8 ball.

Group & Party Rates

$39.99/per group of up to 8 people. If you have more, we can accomidate you, just give us a call.